Human Body Systems - Unit 3 This unit of study is NOT a FOSS investigations kit and, therefore, does NOT have a direct connection to FOSS Web. However, the FOSS Website does have a Human Body site that you can peruse. Once again, keep in mind that the Website does not follow the investigations below, but can be used as a resource for further understanding.

The following outline shows the order in which students will be completing investigations and their respective titles. For more resources, scroll down. 

Human Body Systems (Unit 3)

Table of Contents

1.       What Does Your Body Do?

2.       What Do I Already Know? The me I can see; the me I can’t see.

3.       What are Cells?

4.       Blood and the Heart

5.       The Transportation System

6.       Food and Fuel: The Digestive System

7.       What Happens in the Digestive System? Breaking Down the Food

8.       How Does the Food Get Out? Membranes and Diffusion

9.       Breathing: Getting Air into the Body

10.     Getting the Most out of your Air and Food: Surface Area

11.     What Goes In Must Come Out: Tying it All Together

12.     What Happens When You Exercise?

13.     Case Studies: Linking the Systems

Interactive Glossary