Labs at Home

Second Extra Credit Opportunity

Labs at home can absolutely be done with the help of family and friends, or if you would like, all on your own. Use the Lab Worksheet to complete your study. You may complete one per quarter for 25 points. The due dates are listed in extra credit tab. If your work is not up to par, you will need to redo it to be considered for the points.



  • If you have a helper (ex: mom,grampa,older brother), they need to be listed on form as well. You should also thank them!
  • If you partner with another student, you each need to turn in a form individually and list who you worked with on your form.
  • All work must be neat and legible.
  • All information must be completed. If you fail to comply, your paper will be sent to the Black Hole file.
  • Here is an example of the thoroughness required to be considered for extra credit. Sample.


Lab Worksheet

    Use this worksheet to record your lab work.



GET YOUR LABS HERE-->Approved Websites

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