If you're looking for copies of handouts or so forth, look here.


Welcome Power Point

    PPT with content to learn and expectations.

Scientific Method

    A copy of the handout with explanantions.

Scientific Method Graphic

    A copy of the basic flow of the scientific method.

Safety Contract

    Copy of the science class safety rules.


    Website companion to our science curriculum.

Specific Scientific Vocabulary

    Introductory handout of terms students must use all year.

Science Buddies Lab Report

    Handout to be used to report all monthly labs.

Group Roles

    Handout listing all four roles per group and the expectations of each.

Sensory Observations Group Chart

    A graphic organizer to record scientific observations using the 5 senses.

Six Questions Learning Log

    When asked to give a six question summary, these are the questions you must respond to.

Lab Write Up Outline

    This structured outline is a recipe for a Lab Write Up and can aide ANYONE in creating a perfectly structured paper AS LONG AS the directions are followed one-by-one, steo-by-step.