Welcome Cougars!

Sixth Grade Science is...

  • In class investigations for
    • Weather and Water
    • Diversity of Life
  • Constant review 
    • Daily Science Review 
    • L to J assessments
    • Pre- and post- tests
  • Deeper Understanding 
    • Required research papers
    • Two per quarter
    • Due dates are listed on Research Paper tab
  • Extra Credit
    • One available per quarter
    • Standards based for science and math
    • Due dates are listed on Extra Credit tab

Please visit each unit's specific page for content.


If you are absent, you will need to make the effort to make-up the work. I will not be able to track the absences of a hundred students. I need you to be responsible enough to look in the absent student folder yourself. In addition, I believe fair does not mean equal. If you are absent once, you may only be required to read through an investigation for comprehension. If you are absent consistenly, you will need to make arrangements to come in before school for make-ups. It really depends on the situation and the importance of the investigation to overall understanding.