Weather and Water - Unit 1 This link will take you directly to the website for the Weather and Water unit of study.

The following outline shows the order in which students will be completing investigations and their respective titles. For more resources, scroll down.  

Weather and Water (Unit 1)

Table of Contents

Lab Notebook - Student copies of lab worksheets.

Resource Videos - Helpful for absent students. Watch the 'conducting' investigation segment you missed.

1) What is Weather?

    i) Into the Weather



            Things that Fall from the Sky

            Notes Pages

            Naming Hurricanes (reading)

    ii) Local Weather


            Weather Instuments (in class only)

            Weather Tools Article

            Weather Record Chart (p. 1 of Lab Notebook above)

            Notes Pages

            Natural Disasters.docx (14 kB)

2) Where’s the Air?

    i) The Air Around Us


            Air Investigations (top section of p. 3 from Lab Notebook above: if reprinting, bottom half was blank in class)

            Science Buddies Lab Report

            FOSSWEB Syringe Model under tab Matter and Energy

            What's in the Air (reading)

            Note Pages

    ii) Earth’s Atmosphere


            Earth's Atmosphere Questions (p. 5 of Lab Notebook above)

            FOSSWEB Elevator to Space Model under tab Atmosheric Data

            A Thin Blue Veil Scientific Reading

            Note Page

            Math Extension - Temperature Conversions

            *****Mid-Summative Exam*****

3) Seasons and Sun

    i) How Much Sunshine?


            Sunrise/Sunset Times for 2000 (p. 7 of Lab Notebook above)

            Wendy and Her Worldwide Weather Watchers (Article)

            Note Pages

    ii) Sun-Earth System


            Earth, Moon, and Sun Video

            Earth, Moon,and Sun Video and Reading Sheet

            Seasons Informational Text

            Seasons animations in cycles tab of FOSSWeb

            Season Changes and Response Sheet for Seasons and Sun (p. 9 & 11 of Lab Notebook)

            Note Page

    iii) Sun Angle and Solar Heating


            Beam Spreading Lab Sheet (p. 13 of Lab Notebook)

            Lab Extension (pg. 111 of teacher guide linked to Seasons and Sun heading)

            Science Buddies Lab Report

            Note Pages

            *****Mid-summative Exam 3*****           

4) Heat Transfer

    i)      Heating the Earth


            Earth Materials Temperature Chart and Graph (p. 14 & 15 of Lab Notebook)

            Thermometer: A Device to Measure Temperature (Reading)

            Heat and Energy Multimedia Interactive Learning

            Note Pages

            Lab Write Up for Conduction Investigation Opener

    ii)     Conduction


            Heat Conduction Lab (p. 17 & 19 of Lab Notebook)

            Solids, Liquids, and Gasses Multimedia Interactive Learning

            Heating the Atmposphere (Reading)

            Science Buddies Lab for Conduction of Heat in 2 Metals

            Note Pages

            *****Mid-summative Exam 4*****      

Mid Unit Extension Lab - Weather Fronts


5) Convection

    i) Density of Fluids


            Liquid Layers, Calculating Density, Response Sheet-Convection (pgs. 21, 23, 25 of Lab Notebook)

            Denstiy (Reading)

            Note Pages

    ii) Convection in Water


            Layering Hot and Cold Water Lab (pg. 27 of Lab Notebook)

            Convection (Reading)

            Note Page

    iii) Convention in Air


            Convection Chamber (pg. 29 of Lab Notebook)

            Notes are on the back of pg. 29. Draw a thorough and accurate model of convention as in PPT.

            *****Mid-summative Exam 5*****

6) Water in the Air

    i) Is Water Really There?


            Note Pages

    ii) Evaporation and Humidity


            Relative Humidity Lab (pg. 31 of Lab Notebook)

            Note Pages

    iii) Condensation and Dew Point


            Dew Point Questions (pg.35 of Lab Notebook)

            Humidity Calculator

            Dragon's Breath (Reading)

            Note Pages

    iv) Clouds and Precipitation


            Cloud in a Bottle Video Link

            Pressure/Temperature Demonstration (pg. 37 of Lab Notebook)

            Raindrops and Cloud Droplets

            Observing Clouds (Reading)

            Note Pages

    v) Weather Balloons


            Weather Balloons and Upper-Air Soundings (Reading)

            Upper-Air Sounding Chart

            Weather Balloon Simulation (pg. 39 of Lab Notebook)

            Note Pages

            Weather Balloon Video via You Tube - Use this link if the HTML is not working

            *****Mid-summative Exam 6*****

7) The Water Planet

    i) Water-Cycle Game


            Water Cycle Video

            Video Notes

            Earth: The Water Planet (Reading)

            Note Pages

    ii) Multimedia Water-Cycle Game


            If student wishes, he/she may visit online game. Game will not be used in class.

8) Air Pressure and Wind

    i) Air Pressure Inquiry

    ii) Wind Models


            Lab Pages 48-49

    iii) Measuring Wind

    iv) Pressure Maps

9) Weather and Climate

    i) Air Masses

    ii) Air Masses and Weather Maps

    iii) Climate

            Video Clip: National Geographic "Climate and Weather"

            Two Column Notes

    iv) Global Warming


End of investigation PAT Activity (provided ny Fred Jones/Tools for Teaching) with content modifications.

Interactive Glossary